Protect your computer before it's too late!


Slow Computer
We can optimize your computer to improve hardware performance.
A home network, WiFi, or file sharing from computer to compter.
Data Backup
Let us install 3rd party backup software for safeguarding of data.
Software Install
Let SIGO Technologies install new software and train you how to use it.
Protect or restore your computer from internet related virus attacks.
Additional computer services upon request.

Anti-Virus Overview

If you are browsing the internet, you need to have Anti-Virus software. If you curent software is out of date, you are at risk for a potentially devastaing infection that could cause your computer to not function properly or, worse yet, delete valuable files from your computer. SIGO Technology Services will work with you to either install or upgrade your current antivirus protection. Already infected with a virus? Call us today and we will scan your computer and remove the malicious programs that can do serious damage to your computer or repair your system to proper working order.


Standard Rate Pricing: $50.00/hour*
Check our specials page for discounts and other promotions.

*our hourly rate does not apply to hardware/software purchase or 3rd party vendors