Computer troubles? We have solutions.


Slow Computer
We can optimize your computer to improve hardware performance.
A home network, WiFi, or file sharing from computer to computer.
Data Backup
Let us install 3rd party backup software for safeguarding of data.
Software Install
Let SIGO Technologies install new software and train you how to use it.
Protect or restore your computer from internet related virus attacks.
Additional computer services upon request.

Services Overview

SIGO Technology Services is dedicated to fixing your computer problems at a reasonable price. All of our work is performed by trained and certified technicians who will be able to answer all of your technical computer questions. From troubleshooting to hardware updates, SIGO Technology Services will work with you to solve your computer related problems.


Standard Rate Pricing: $50.00/hour*
Check our specials page for discounts and other promotions.

*our hourly rate does not apply to hardware/software purchase or 3rd party vendors